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Alice Cooper - Abbotsford - Photography - concert
hedley- Photography - concert - abbotsford
ZZ TOP - Abbotsford - Photography - concert

Let’s be blunt. There are A LOT of crap photos out there. Everyone seems to think they can be a Photographer. It’s true, most people have access to cameras with relatively high image quality and basic editing tools. Just because you can click a couple of buttons on your iPhone doesn’t mean that you should torture the world with your painful “landscapes” and “selfies.”

This is not what makes a good photograph. Does it have context? Does it communicate something? Does the lighting work for the subject? Is there even a subject? Is the bloody thing in focus? We have become desensitized with the absurd amount  of photos that we are bombarded with every day. It takes bolder images now to make an impact.


and we actually stick to them to boot!

We work hard to create you unique, bold, inspiring images that communicate the message you are wanting to send. Creativity not really your thing? Have no idea how to express your ideas? Don’t worry we are patient and we have lots of practice decoding what it is you are looking for. These photographs are yours and we will do everything we can to get them exactly as you want.

No cliche shit though!

We are sorry but we really aren’t the photographers you want if you are looking for us to recreate something you’ve seen a thousand times on the internet. We value creativity and in honour of all of those other artists out there who worked hard to create those (at one time unique ideas) we will not add to the masses and contribute to the intentional watering down of what their art used to say. Tell us why you love it though, what speaks to you, and we can come up with something new. Something yours. If your heart is truly set on that imitation, there are plenty of cheap amature “photographers” out there who don’t share these values. Just Google “Vanilla Photographers.”

Another major value of ours is being blunt. We are not going to mislead you by promising unrealistic things just to get the gig. We will tell you straight on, getting that photo from that specific angle will leave you with three spare chins. We figure it’s a better alternative than charging you and waiting for you to count them in “awe” on your own.

Everyone has a completely individual way of approaching things. We have been shooting for over ten years but we know that our point of view won’t always be the absolute best (it is pretty damn close though) and so we keep our minds open. We promise to always actively listen to all of your ideas and to never make you feel stupid for having them. We truly love what makes you singular so don’t hold back!

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